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The first ingredient for creating a next-generation environment is sunlight.

Our challenge as a photovoltaic systems integrator exploiting new technological opportunities was to deliver low-cost products acceptable to the customer.

Our solution was an 'integrated system'. We achieved this by doing the planning, design, and survey work ourselves, leveraging our technological experience to support construction and management. Our success is that we provide spaces that connect with the next generation, combining customer needs and energy creation to build living environments that actively reduce the load on the global environment, rather than creating just another living environment.

New Gaea Fukuokahigashi
(completed in Aug. 2014)


Integrated service delivery, from construction through to maintenance


Delivering earth-friendly office environments--

We are involved not only in the residential housing sector, but have also moved into commercial construction, focusing on office buildings as another of the environments where people spend time. With projects that include energy-saving office buildings equipped with PV systems, we deliver environments that are bright, comfortable, and earth-friendly.

Tenjin Fukuoka Office

Kitakyushu head office

Mega Solar

Giving expression to the energy-saving and new energy technologies that Shibaura has accumulated since it was first established--

Utility-scale solar power plants, known in Japan as mega-solar plants, are what might be called the culmination of our accumulated technology and know-how. As a leading solar power company, Shibaura Group provides total support for mega-solar construction and commercial solar projects, from initial site investigation and discussions with power companies, through to land acquisition, design, and construction.

Kyushu Solar Farm 7 Miyama PV Station
23MW (for 4,350 households) Project site area 330,594 predicted generation output 24,470,000kWh

Kyushu Solar Farm 2 Sekia PV

Real Estate

From management to operation and maintenance

We provide comprehensive support of leasing, management, listing, purchase, and development of apartments, single-family detached housing, land, retail outlets, commercial buildings, and other types of real estate.

We offer an eco-friendly living environment, supporting the Shibaura Group slogan "Preserving our global environment."

New Gaea Nishi kumamoto ekimae

Office New Gaea Tenjin

Office New Gaea Hamamatsu-cho No.16

Office New Gaea Clair Tenjin


We provide secure, comfortable accommodation which places emphasis on Omotenashi, the traditional Japanese spirit of hospitality and service.

In developing our Hotel New Gaea brand, our focus is on tailoring our hotels to meet a range of business and tourist needs in keeping with the current hotel scene. From planning and design through to construction, the Group's integrated service delivery system allows us to provide secure and comfortable spaces.

Day by day, we devote ourselves to focusing on a more personalized service experience for each and every customer.

Hotel New Gaea Hakata

Hotel New Gaea Dome Mae

Hotel New Gaea Kamigofuku

Hotel New Gaea Ohmuta Garden

Exhibition Promotion Service

Holding events that deliver excitement and passion to people

Mega Super Car Motor Show 2019 was planned, prepared and operated entirely in-house.
During four days, 56,000 people visited. The event got great media coverage, and became a popular topic of conversation.

  • Record
  • Mega Super Car Motor Show 2019 in Fukuoka Japan
  • Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka
  • Date: July 19, 20, 21, 22, 2019
  • The number of visitors: 55,980
  • Official site


We have everything from imported cars to domestic cars

From luxury cars, supercars to domestic cars, new, and used cars, we have anything you want. New Gaea Motors is a certified service center that offers motor service inspection Shaken, and will establish high reliability for all of our customers.

High quality car and dream will be delivered to you.

Devel Sixteen (japan model) Order

Fenyr Super Sport Launch Edition Order

Buggati Chiron

Koenigsegg Agera RSR

Certified factory "New Gaea Motors"

Certified factory "New Gaea Motors"

Agri business

KIWI Fruit Farm

Pursue the Agri business striving towards "Aggressive Agriculture"

We have started developing of Kiwifruit farm and aiming for production.

We have started in May 2016 the above business and integrated 4 sites totally 11 hectares during approx. six months. We plan to complete the first planting in early spring of 2017 and we aim for building up the farm management systems with construction of production manual being at the right time for harvesting season three years later.

Currently, Japanese government reforms of Agricultural Policy for "Aggressive Agriculture" to flexibly respond to policy changed with times.

Ride on the strength of this reforms, Shibaura group will expand more than 200 hectares farmland in Yamaguchi and Kyushu districts within five years and drives the future of Japanese Agriculture.

Saito Miyake

Saito Kamisanzai

Yamaguchi Ajisu

Hiji Oga

Kama Umami

Nankan Toyonaga

Kunisaki Aki

PPS Power producer & Supplier

Shibaura Electricity Co., Ltd. is a retail electric utility that leads the future.

The company's important roles are to connect the three main areas of PPS; power generation, power transmission, and power storage, and to make it easy to use efficiently.

We will connect demand and supply, connect companies to companies, and connect people to people. The keyword is "connect". We make complicated structures and procedures that are difficult to understand simple and smart.

Power Generation Hub of Shibaura Electricity Co., Ltd. : [Kyushu Solar Farm 26] izuka Oita Power Plant 1,994kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 9] Kurate Daiichi Power Plant 1,990kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 31] Higashiyama Power Plant 803kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 19] Kawasaki Power Plant 1,000kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 14] Miyako Power Plant 1,982kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 3] Kawazoe Power Plant 990kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 7] Miyama Joint Power Plant N Block 1,000kW [Kyushu Solar Farm 13] Ganjyoji Power Plant 1,000kW

Art Business

Exhibition and Sale of Valuable Art Collection

New Gaea Gallery is a gallery that is located near JR Hamamatsu station, which is easily accessible from Haneda Airport. It exhibits and sells curated precious artwork, including a rare collection of "Kakiemon" pottery, which is a particularly popular brand of Arita ware, representative Japanese craftwork. The gallery also covers the world's first artwork, called Art Grage.

Food & Beverage

Developing an all-encompassing range of Western food & Japanese food

Food, clothing and housing are essential for the preservation of life, and there we service a "food".
"Hakata Kappo RINYA" offers large and small private rooms, so that you can enjoy cuisine and drinks in a relaxed ambience.

We will expand a menu development, restaurants design and training personnel thought food business.

Hakata Kappo RINYA

Aviation Leasing

Various leasing is developed, looking towards the future

The company has started an operating lease to commercial jet airliners. We purchased Airbus and Boeing aircraft and lease them to airlines around the world. In the future, Shibaura Group Holdings Corporation will develop other types of leasing.

Aircraft owned by Shibaura Group Holdings Corporation
[British Airways in service] Airbus A319-131 (two aircraft)
[AirAsia in service] Airbus A320-200 (one aircraft)

Airbus A319-131

Airbus A320-200